With new hires, Elementus' leadership team is " ...the ‘Avengers’ lineup of an all-star executive roster."

Elementus is expanding our already-stellar leadership team with hires from Amazon, JPMorgan, and Global Relay!

Sirish Jetti will serve as Elementus’ Vice President of Engineering. Prior to joining Elementus, Sirish held leadership positions at Amazon and Meta, where he led high-performing engineering teams that built, deployed, and scaled impactful new services, including the Facebook app, AWS QuickSight, and Amazon Photos. At Elementus, Sirish will lead the company’s engineering and data science teams as they develop the next generation of blockchain analytics tools.

“I am thrilled to join one of the most exciting startups in the blockchain space,” says Sirish Jetti. “Elementus’ approach to on-chain data is fast becoming the industry standard for compliance vehicles and a new era of blockchain solutions built on trust and transparency.”

Matt Austin will join Elementus as Vice President of Operations. He was most recently Head of Ventures at Fiserv, where he developed and led the company’s fintech investing strategy. Additionally, he served as Chief of Staff at Finix and drove several key innovation initiatives at JPMorgan, including helping lead the global Investment Bank’s blockchain and crypto-asset strategy. In his new role overseeing operations at Elementus, Matt will scale the company while putting practices in place which foster efficiency and innovation.

“When I first met Max Galka in 2017, I saw a visionary entrepreneur at the precipice of a major paradigm shift,” says Matt Austin. “I couldn’t be more excited to join Elementus’ growing team of innovators committed to transparency in the blockchain sector.”

Lastly, Bryan Young will serve as Elementus’ Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining Elementus, Bryan spent more than fifteen years with Global Relay, where he helped guide the company’s growth to over a thousand employees and thousands of customers, while directing product launches and international expansion efforts. Bryan will drive Elementus’ growth among financial institutions, including legacy banks, hedge funds, and stock exchanges.

“Working directly with banks, regulators, and others in the global finance sector gave me a deep appreciation for Web3 and the innovation happening in blockchain,” says Bryan Young. “Elementus is a crucial company for financial institutions as they wade into this new asset class.”

All three executives will work alongside Elementus’ Chief Strategy Officer Chitra Ragavan, who joined the company in September. She previously served as a senior strategic advisor to Palantir’s CEO Alex Karp and was Chief Strategy Officer at Gem.

“We have hired the ‘Avengers’ lineup of an all-star executive roster,” says Elementus CEO Max Galka. “Each member has led high-performing teams across global industries and will be pivotal as we scale our next-generation blockchain analytics platform into established industries.”

About Elementus

Elementus is building the first universal blockchain search engine and compiling a Who’s Who of on-chain entities. Our advanced analytics suite and proprietary attribution database takes crypto fund tracking to the next level, offering unprecedented transparency into the flow of assets across distributed ledgers. The New York-based blockchain forensics firm has received funding from major strategic investors including Fidelity, BlockFi, FTX, and Gemini to continue developing its second-generation analytics and forensics platform.

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